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Level DTLA Furnished Living, downtown Los Angeles by myan soffia

I finally had a chance this weekend to tour the beautiful Level DTLA building where several of my images are living. I love the arrangements and the photos that were selected. It was really cool to walk into the lobby and see 2 of my pieces, Entrance to the City and Nightowlbehind the check-in. And I was only able to find a few more of the images but from what I understand they are scattered around on  many of the 34 floors. What an honor to have my work in this luxury building! Thanks so much Onni group!

Entrance to the City and Nightowl in the lobby area

Entrance to the City and Nightowl in the lobby area

Walk, Hollywood Boulevard and Holiday No. 2

Walk, Hollywood Boulevard and Holiday No. 2

The Weaver

The Weaver

Ritual and Beach Candy

Ritual and Beach Candy

New work: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, a sky ride, a lake and a valley... by myan soffia

Like everyone else, life has been crazy busy. Trying to balance motherhood and work has been a challenge that I happily embrace. I absolutely LOVE my baby and I absolutely LOVE photography. We had a few mini trips this year and when I get back from a road trip I am like a kid at Christmas, oh so eager to check out my shots and begin editing.
But then my son brings me back to reality, reminds me he is my new boss and I am lucky if I even remember where I put my camera much less get to upload my new images! He wins every time! Who can resist such a handsome sweet man that wants your complete devotion, every day, all day long? :)

I still have tons of shots from our Big Sur trip in October that are not finished. And now added to my growing list are shots from recent trips to Big Bear, Ojai, San Diego and San Francisco. They are teasing me every time I power up my hard drive! However during baby naps these are the ones that jumped out at me the most. So... here are my first rounds and hopefully I will have more completed soon. I have accepted that I probably won't be able to finish the rest until he begins elementary school! :)

"via DTLA"


"To see the stars"




"A Memory San Francisco"

"Where Fairytales Begin"

"Sweet light"

"How do we follow"

"Harps & Fireflies"

"Abstract Twin Peaks"


"North Beach"

"Gaslamp Quarter No.2"

"Gaslamp Quarter No. 1"

"Red twinkle lights"

"el Cortez"

"Little Italy"

"Beach Day"

"Palm tree & Ocean"

"A Gathering"


"Stand There"



"Peppermint Beach Twists"

"Carnival Candy"


"Big Bear Lake"

"The Ojai Valley"


7 For All Mankind Jeans, Splendid, Ella Moss by myan soffia

So excited my image "Summer Nights" was used by 7 For All Mankind jeans | Splendid | Ella Moss for one of their conferences. Their invites, tote bags, banner and candles had my favorite twinkly shot of Los Angeles on them.  
It was such an honor to have them ask to use my image.  And I simply love their clothes! In fact I just went to their sample sale in downtown this past Friday and scored some awesome outfits for my little guy! He is going to be one stylish 5 month old! ;)

Many thanks to Erme for these!! :)

 Many thanks to Micah J Photography for allowing me to use these beautiful images from the event. 

Published! Crafty Mag UK by myan soffia

This past summer, Crafty Magazine UK asked me to write & photograph a DIY article on bokeh photography. They specifically wanted a step by step on making a hood to place over your lens and examples using it. Plus a written article on why bokeh photography is so kick-ass and popular. :) 

The goal was to turn twinkly lights into cute hearts and stars. I created my own lens hood and tested it out on everything! I used it to shoot sparkly lights around my house, I turned my newborn baby boy into an angel and surrounded him with blissful hearts, and I went to my favorite part of Los Angeles to found what bling I could to transform into shapes.

I was so honored to be asked especially since this magazine is simply GORGEOUS!! The article was published in Issue #7 which came out this month. I just got my copy in the mail today and I am so impressed with this beautifully designed magazine. And they have the coolest projects, I would love to try several of them out! It's not too late to get your copy, there is even a Holiday supplement with the sweetest Christmas projects. 
This was such a fun article to shoot and write! Thanks a bunch Crafty Mag! :) 
xx, Myan

Musicians, coffee, whiskey and Handsome boys by myan soffia

Last week was another fun week. Forgive me, these photos are not my best work! :) I either used my iPhone or I was too far away. But since this blog is really just a journal, it was nice to be able to document everything somehow. :)

An evening with David Byrne and Trent Reznor in Little Tokyo...

even though we had tickets, we waited in the longest line to get in!

String Theory performed as well.

But before the talk we had yummy bowls of noodles at Daikokuya...

sweets from Fugetsu-Do Confectioners...

and a cup of Pinkberry to wash everything down...

Little Tokyo is a pretty cool place to hang out for a night too...

Then there were the Handsome guys... 
Unique LA hosted a coffee & whiskey tasting event. It was held at Handsome Coffee Roasters in downtown's Arts District. And the whiskey tasting was provided by New York's Hudson Whiskey.
I so wish I had brought my camera instead of relying on my iPhone to document the night. The event was so nicely done, Sonja did such an amazing job. But I figured my camera was not safe in my hands if whiskey was to be involved. I can not hold my liquor! ;)

the 2010 World Barista Champion!!! How cool is that?!

the whiskey was out back in the prettiest parking lot in downtown LA that night, for sure! 

S'mores from Gotta Have S'mores {which after tasting one, yes please, I DO want some more!!}

Everyone also left with goodies... a bag of Handmade & Damn Handsome Coffee, Hudson whiskey glasses, and a cute tote bag.

and a bonus for us!  they had a trivia contest and my man won a Hudson Whiskey shirt for me! woo! :D

I am so glad we went to both of these events. It was really nice to listen to such inspired people and to learn what makes them tick, what they daydream about and how they make it all come together. Makes me want to work even harder at being an artist and reminds me to never give up on my dreams as well.

smitten with L.A.: a fun week Oct 7-13 by myan soffia

Last week was a lot of fun. A tea ceremony, an opera, seeing my cello teacher perform with a chamber orchestra, successful dog training, rain, and shopping! Although I missed a few things that would've made it an incredible week, such as Cig Harvey at Julia Dean's and seeing Endeavour roam the streets of Los Angeles. Although we did get to see it's final flight the other week. It flew right over our house! So that counts. Anyways, Los Angeles has so many things to do you can never be bored.

{ A mix of iPhone & regular camera photos. :)}

A tea ceremony at the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens in San Marino. 

Plus my pics were on Modern Family, always makes me smile to see them. :D

And our first time seeing an opera:  LA Opera's Don Giovanni.  We took LA Weekly's recommendation to eat at Tina Tacos before the show. Super cheap and super delicious. And the nicest view too. :)

And I was so excited to see my cello teacher play. He is amazing! :)

Lucie Foundation by myan soffia

My first show! I was asked by a lovely curator to participate in the Lucie Foundation's Pro'jekt LA series Hello, Goodnight: Los Angeles After Dark. The show was at Space 15Twenty in Hollywood. It was really cool to see my work projected so big! Marisa did an amazing job curating. There were so many gorgeous images and talented photographers,  I was so honored to be included.

the flyer!

My images that were selected for the show.