Blue orange sunset with palm tree over sparkling city lights in Los Angeles
Bokeh city lights at sunset in the canyons of Los Angeles
View of people on hiking trail from hillside overlooking Los Angeles
2 women waiting for the bus at LA metro stop
Row of palm trees in front of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood California
People sitting in front of the Arts District's Pie Hole cafe in downtown Los Angeles
Woman with rolling suitcase walks through entrance at Union Station in Los Angeles
Masked woman sitting in front of fountain at the Getty Center in Los Angeles
View of the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles
Rows of palm trees line Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles
Canter's Deli and palm trees in Los Angeles
Rows of palm trees in Los Angeles
Los Angeles skyline in grey
Downtown LA cityscape at night with bokeh lights
Hollywood Boulevard at night with bokeh street lights
The Roxy sign and a palm tree against the sky in West Hollywood
Hollywood Palladium and a palm tree in Los Angeles
Rows of Los Angeles palm trees on a mint green background
Row of palm trees against a clear blue sky in Los Angeles