Excited to have 5 new images available at Urban Outfitters

Sunny California No. 2

"Sunny California No. 2" details: In August 2010 I took a similar shot of this scene and it became one of my bestsellers. I thought it would be interesting to do an anniversary shot but with a different feel. So in August 2017, I went back to recapture it with a toy lens. I kept similar tones and colors but I love how different it came out with the soft blur.

You make my heart spin

"You Make My Heart Spin" details: We were watching one of my favorite bands, Warpaint, play at the Santa Monica Pier when I took this. My 4 year old was so excited to be at the beach and he loved the music. It's one of my favorite beach nights.

I was obsessed with the lights & shapes on the ferris wheel and all the magical carnival colors. The heart was perfect because I wanted to remember our love of the beach, our love of music and the love I have for my little family. The title & the image are dedicated to my husband and my son.

The Wait No. 2

"The Wait No. 2" details: We were somewhere near Rancho Palos Verdes trying to find tidepools for our baby boy when we stopped here for play time. There was only one surfer out there and he was sitting there patiently waiting for waves. My husband likes to surf so I have spent time watching him patiently wait for waves as well. It always intrigued me to see how meditative it was for him and the others out there. The whole process seems so mindful. And like many other photographers, I find surfers fascinating to photograph.

Sunset Cliffs

"Sunset Cliffs" details: We were in San Diego in April 2017 when I took this. We were on a family vacation and it is one of my all time favorite vacations so far. I can't get enough sunset photos. And a sunset photo at Sunset Cliffs had been on my list for years! I'm happy to finally be able to mark it off. 

LA Noir

"L.A. Noir" details: I love bokeh and I love black and white. And Los Angeles will never cease to intrigue me. While editing I remembered reading Raymond Chandler’s the Big Sleep and somehow the view and twinkly lights reminded me of his lyrical writing style and the seductive side of Los Angeles. So I decided to make this black and white.