Last week was a lot of fun. A tea ceremony, an opera, seeing my cello teacher perform with a chamber orchestra, successful dog training, rain, and shopping! Although I missed a few things that would've made it an incredible week, such as Cig Harvey at Julia Dean's and seeing Endeavour roam the streets of Los Angeles. Although we did get to see it's final flight the other week. It flew right over our house! So that counts. Anyways, Los Angeles has so many things to do you can never be bored.

{ A mix of iPhone & regular camera photos. :)}

A tea ceremony at the Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens in San Marino. 

Plus my pics were on Modern Family, always makes me smile to see them. :D

And our first time seeing an opera:  LA Opera's Don Giovanni. We took LA Weekly's recommendation to eat at Tina Tacos before the show. Super cheap and super delicious. And the nicest view too. :)

And I was so excited to see my cello teacher play. He is amazing! :)