Two years ago I was so thrilled when the set decorators of Modern Family bought 10 prints from me for their set, not only because it is a great show, but because Ed O'Neill would be in the same room as my work! I mean, really, Al Bundy?! Who doesn't love Al Bundy? My family was pretty excited too!

So last week, when the nicest set decorator bought 2 prints from me for the second season of FX's Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen, I was swooning again! Plus earlier this spring another wonderful set decorator bought prints for the second season of HBO's Enlightened.

So now I get to daydream again at the thought of Charlie Sheen, Shawnee Smith, Selma Blair, Laura Dern and Luke Wilson standing anywhere near my work. I love it! And I love these set decs for allowing me to star gaze a bit and for inspiring me to keep taking pictures.

purchased for the set of FX's Anger Management, season 2

purchased for the set of HBO's Enlightened, season 2

in Cam & Mitch's house, i love them so much!!

Ed O'Neill next to my Liquid Courage print!!! :)