Target licensed my Joshua Tree image, No. 189 for the month of April. We checked 4 Target stores near us: Glendale, Eagle Rock, 2 in Pasadena and couldn't find it. My sweetheart friend checked Alhambra, nope not there. My sweet cousin here looked near his place and my sweet cousin in San Jose looked near her as well. Nada! They couldn't find it. But my wonderful friends and family back east found it in their Target stores! I was so thrilled to see it! 

And then amazingly enough, on one of the very last days it was to be displayed we took a family beach day. I had forgotten to bring our sunscreen so my husband stopped at the Target in West Hollywood. I had long given up on finding it. As soon as I walked in I just happened to glance to the right and there it was! Couldn't believe it! Thank goodness I forgot our sunscreen! What a treat to finally have seen it in person! :)

My friends and family rock!

My reward for being diligent about sun protection! :)